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6.5 Rebuild Catalog Does Not Work Per Tutorial or Documentation


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I have what appears to be a "good backup" on an external (1394-connected) HD drive. [i.e. - I have files AA000001.rdb.. AA000137.rdb in the following folder - H:\Retrospect\091002\1-091002.]

When I attempt to rebuild the catalog from a secondary computer (as my primary computer is in the shop) I can not get the "repair catalog" tool to recognize that there are any backup file data sets on the H: drive. I have tried every permutation of switchology in Retrospective to navigate down to the "1-091002" folder where these files reside, but every approach yields the message "The selected disk does not contain any backup set data files, please select another disk". When I select the "Retrospect" folder and say "open", the navigation window is empty even though there is actually the "1-091002" folder below filld with the backup data file sets. The only information I've found on the other posts says to read the tutorial or follow the instructions... But this is not working for me as described.


Is there some sort of protection mechanism that precludes restoring files (or rebuilding a catalog) from a different computer? Is there a way to workaround this so I can recover my data?


The jury is still out on whether I can recover data from my primary computer. (It was attacked by a virus and will currently not boot - even in Safe mode.) The OS is likely corrupted, but the technician believes he may still be able to recover the data. Any advice on how to restore from my external BU drive (which I used Retrospective Express 6.5 to backup) would be greatly appreciated - since I'm not certain I can recover data from the primary HDD. :confused2:

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