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Can't delete Source

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I have a laptop client source that won't remove. It has the little Pencil icon on it's status and says it's busy. When I try to delete it, it either allows me to click OK to the confirmation and then remains in the list or hangs the Retrospect Console with athe spinning beach ball. The actual client laptop no longer exists and I'd like to remove reverence to it in the Sources list.

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Version of Retrospect engine? (8.x.x)

Version of Retrospect client? (8.x.x)

Mac OS version (10.x.x) and architecture? (Intel, PPC)


Latest 8.1 builds of the Retrospect Engine and Console

Running on an Xserve 2 x 3 GHZ Quad core Intel Xenon, OS X Server 10.5.8. 6GB RAM


Accessing the Engine via a MacBook Pro 17" 2.33, 4GB RAM running OS 10.6.1. Latest Build of Retrospect 8.1.


6.2.234 WAS the version of the client. As I stated, the client computer no longer exists.


P.S. I have tried deleting the client from the copy of Retrospect Console running directly on the Xserve as well. It exhibits the Confirmation dialog OK/no action syndrome as well but does not result in the spinning beach ball.



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