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Exabyte VXA-2 drives

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We have no way of telling when or if this drive will be supported. We are still testing at this time. Yes it's frustrating. That's why we recommend that you check the compatibility list before making a purchase that may not immediately, or possibly ever, suit your backup needs.



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Thanks for your quick response. I wish you worked in the testing dept. I fully understand that I purchased a drive that has never been on your compatibility list nor have there ever been promises for it to be.




Whether it was intentional or not, I noticed a bit of a snide tone to your reply. I can appreciate the negative nature of moderating this forum and respect your ability to do it fairly and even-handedly, but I feel a bit scolded. Maybe instead of saying "That's why we recommend..." you could've started, "Please always remember to check the compatibility list..."




Nevertheless, thanks for your response.





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Retrospect has supported the VXA-2 drive/VXA-2 format since October. There are, however, no controls in the software to change the format of your tapes. If you are using VXA-1 tapes, and not seeing the VXA-2 capacity, you'll need to follow the steps outlined on the Exabyte support site to change the format of the tape.

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We just got our new SCIS VAX2 1x7 Autoloader.


I am tring to get Retrospect 4.3C to use it.


I added to retrospect folder the latests drivers "Retrospect 5.0 Driver Update" but when I Check storage Devices I get "NO BACKUP DEVICES FOUND". (I did restart of computer after drag/drop).


When I check device status it list the drive VXA-2 and Exabyte EZ7 but for both says (no driver).


I am sure I am just doing something simple wrong.. Can someone offer a clue..





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> please see the Hardware search engine.


Ah! Thanks. I had only looked at the first screen that suggested it was supported.


>> Device Interface Media Windows Mac OS

>>Exabyte VXA-2 SCSI VXA Qualified Qualified


It was not till I looked past (with your suggestion) that I saw the limit to version 5..


Thanks for Quick answer.








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> 4.3 - you'll need to upgrade to 5.0 for compatibility


OK. Is there a way to get an Downloadable upgrade I went thought your wissard and it offered Desktop 5 to me for $59.99 but wants two weeks to mail it to me.


I don't seen upgrades on 'digital river'.. Only a $120 full product..


I hope I am missing something...


Can you point me in right direction??


Thanks again




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Please contact Customer Service directly for upgrade questions:


Customer Service

Telephone: 800.225.4880


They will be better able to address this question.




While I was waiting I called - First rep suggested email/download option would come up after purchase from your store... (i did not)


Second rep offered to take order on phone and email secret codes...


Maybe this will take ...




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> Maybe this will take ...


Ok I got a new customer number 58746100 and secret code for Retro Desk 5. I installed and my VAX2 7 loader appears to be talking with my G4 tower that is running Retro and has autoloader connected. They are playing well enough to go though erase tape (V23) cycle... but...


As I try to connect drives other computers - xservers - the client app says I need to upgrade my software to the Xserver Retro ...



I have three Xservers which I am using as video work stations.


I want to use Retrospect on a fourth computer (a g4 tower/0s9) to archive the raw video files (from one xServer) onto the VAX2 tape in the scsi 1x7 autoloader we just bought.


I am using G4 tower as SCSI card for autoloader may not be OSX ready..


For what it is worth, the wizard that led me though the upgrade offer two solutions for my needs as expressed in your terms. One was Retro xServer (>$1000) the other was Desktop (<$100).

Retro Desktop seemed like the right answer - for cost and need (archiving files from one computer).



Have I describe my need clearly?


Is there a way to make this work with what I have already bought?












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