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Size of a media set?

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I'm puzzled: what determines the size of a media set?

The combined sizes of the files in the media set, plus metadata in the media set. If no grooming has been done, this is the size of the initial backup session plus the size of every backup session from then on.


Is this limited?

Yes, by the size of the members of the media set.


Percentage of media sets seem to have definite limits, but I'm not sure where these come from. If you overflow one media set, what next?

Depends on the type of media set, and you haven't provided that information. The answer is different for Retrospect 8 than for its predecessors for file and disk media sets.


For tape media sets, you add another member to the media set.


Disk media sets support grooming in Retrospect 8, to groom out older backups.


Is there a more specific question?




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