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Schedules keep reverting


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I had problems before, when R8 was fresh out of the gate, with scripts losing their schedules. Well, since getting updated to at least version 8.1.148, I haven't had as much difficulty. However, I do tend to have this situation often, enough that I need to report it:


I have a bunch of scripts, some Backup, some Copy, and many of these are similar (they just do the same operation for several different clients). Four scripts are set up as Copy scripts, which basically mirror each of four different Shared Volumes onto the excess hard drive space on other computers. That is, Copy Script A replicates the contents of Volume A onto another computer, while Copy Script B replicates Volume B onto a different computer, etc. This is just for data redundancy.


Anyways, I have had these scripts running at different intervals. A only needs to be copied every two weeks; B and C run weekly, and D runs daily. I tried to set up A, B, and C to run on different days of the week, too... so A runs Monday night, B runs Tuesdays, and C runs Wednesdays. What has been happening, though, is that I find script A trying to run Monday night as expected, then also trying to run the next day, and if I check the scripts it shows next execution as being tonight at 10 PM. What is odd is that it does still correctly show that it is a 2-week interval, it just says that the interval begins today rather than either this past Monday or even next Monday. The other two weekly scripts show the same thing; they are all trying to execute on the same night, i.e. "Today at 10:00 PM".


I have both Engine and Console installed on my Intel iMac 24", running OS 10.5.8, and Retrospect is Build 148 as mentioned previously.


I don't know whether the failure of a script would cause it to cue up again... but I've had these scripts fail because the target destination could not be found (clients shutting themselves off, another thing I've complained about before elsewhere). If Script A is scheduled for Monday at 10 PM , tried to run then failed for that reason, would it then bump to Tuesday at 10 PM and try to run again? I don't think this is the case, but if it is a contributing factor in schedule corruption I thought I should mention it.

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