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Retro 8 falling asleep on job


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To all:

-Is this a bug? Here's the setup. MacBook Pro 4,1, 10.5.8, Retro 8 v.150, Windows client v.107, Retro 8's console and engine on the same computer, wired to router, Windows client wired to router, windows client set to never sleep, host mac set to sleep after 15 mins. of inactivity, backing up to USB HDD on the host Mac.

-Here's the issue. Was trying again to back up the Windows client to see if would not back up at 1/10 the speed of the host mac backing up itself. Uninstalled *everything* Retrospect 8, and reinstalled Retro 8. Now, for some reason, the Windows client does the copy portion of a first backup of the entire C:\ drive (all files save cache files) at 240 MB/min and compare at 338 MB/min. I would imagine these are good speeds? But.... my Mac fell asleep in between the end of the copying phase and the beginning of the compare phase. I walked out to run an errand just before the end of the copy phase, and came back an hour later, and the Mac was asleep (light pulsing). Press a key, and bingo, mac wakes up, and Retro 8 begins the compare phase, which then went on to completion.

-this behavior happens all the time to me in 6.1, and I use an app "jiggler" to keep the host Mac awake when using 6.1, as there are long "not responding" periods between the copy and compare phases and the OS falls asleep. Now I see the same behavior in 8.1; I had hoped that this would not happen in 8.1. I can use "jiggler" or "caffeine" or such an app, but why is Retro 8 not telling the OS that activity is going on, so the OS doesn't fall asleep? A backup of my host Mac to the USB drive was on "pause" waiting for me to un-pause it after the Windows client was done getting backed up. Perhaps that paused-and-waiting script should have told the OS to stay awake also?

-If Robin wants to see my Retro8 log and console log, happy to send them on.


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I have my computer sleep set to 30mins. I have used 6.1 for 5 years and never had this sleep issue. I started testing 8.1 on the weekend and found that the copy stage of the backup took 2hrs and the computer didn't sleep and yet 5mins after it gets into the "closing/creating snapshot" stage it goes to sleep. After I bring it out of sleep it resumes does the compare for 2hrs all without going to sleep. But again when it gets to the final 15min wrapup stage it goes to sleep again. Strange as neither of these two smaller stages are longer than 30mins so the machine should think the inactivity timer has expired.


What I notice is different is 6.1 runs the console and engine under the logged in username. 8.1 runs the console under the logged in username but the engine under root (and the backup files are created under root also) not sure if this makes a difference but I suspect this is the cause of the changed behaviour.


Would love to hear if anybody knows why this is happening.



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