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Wireless Mac Client Config


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I have browsed this and other forums and have a sense of how best to configure mac clients, but I haven't found much regarding wireless client set up. Could anyone provide a concise "best practices" on how to configure wireless mac clients? In particular, I am having issues "waking up" my clients. Of course, when the systems are powered up and in use, "seeing" the clients is not an issue.

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There are three issues at play here.


(1) Currently, Retrospect 8 only supports WakeOnLAN for proactive backup, and cannot send the "magic packet" for scheduled or scripted backups.


(2) Additionally, you need to investigate getting the "magic packets" passed through your router from the LAN to the WLAN. That's non-trivial, and Retrospect, even when fixed to send WoL packets for scheduled backups, can't solve that problem - it's a router configuration issue, and you need to be careful so that the WoL packets don't get routed out to other interfaces (e.g., WAN).


You can test getting WoL packets through your router from LAN to WLAN by using the freeware "WakeOnLan" utility:



(3) Strictly speaking, the "magic packet" specification is only for ethernet, not wireless, but some wireless chips have added the necessary hardware support (it has to be supported in the interface chip).


The easiest way, unless you are only concerned with proactive backups, is to schedule a wakeup for the client using Apple's Energy Saver preference pane.


When (if) Retrospect 8 supports external scripting, you could script things to get WakeOnLan to send the needed "magic packet" prior to backing up each client (assuming you get your router working properly to pass the magic packets to your WLAN).



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