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Disk one to disk 2?

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that is what the "copy" operation does. in retro6.1, this was called "duplicate", but it has been renamed to "copy".


from the way you worded the description of what you are after, it sounds like maybe you don't want files that have been deleted from disk1 to be deleted from disk2. i'm not sure whether retro8.1 supports this option. i am sure it can make disk2 look identical to disk1, copying only what needs to be copied.

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Thanks for the try, but NO not the question.


Say a back up# 1 has files A, B,C,D,E in the system.


Then Back up # 2 has files D,E,F,G


I want the combined back up to contain: ABCDEFG not ABCDDEEFG, Two copies of D and E are not needed. Just wastes disk space.


In particular, after the "copy" function, the combined back up must not contain only DEFG.


Is this what the "copy" function does? If not, how to I achieve this?


The issue is offsite back up of work. I have work generate a 48 hour back up. I have to do that, in as much as the timing of the retrospect script is not adequately reliable to do 24 hour, and there is not an hour choice, only "day" for recent duration.


I then copy the 48 hour back ups to home, then add to a media set at home.


Please help.








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