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Exchange 2003 Backup Failing

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I currently have two seperate backups going on my exchange server, one backing up the files and the other backing up the mailboxes. This setup has been working great for me for the past few years with no changes made. However, recently I've been getting errors every night and strange behavior has ensued.


Exchange_Brick (mailbox backup) will come back daily with the following error:


From Retrospect: Script "Exchange_Brick" failed during automatic execution, error -2010 (no source volumes specified). Please launch Retrospect and check the log for details.


I've searched this error and found nothing, and the retrospect log simply shows:


+ Normal backup using Exchange_Brick at 8/9/2009 7:00 PM (Execution unit 2)

Script error: no source volumes specified

8/9/2009 7:00:08 PM: Execution incomplete


The second thing that I am seeing is that is seems that "Exchange" (the file backup) seems to hang on "Building Catalog File..." every night. I strongly believe that the error on the mailboxes is due to that one not ending properly; as I can kill it and get 1 night worth of backups accomplished.


Here's what I've tried so far:

1. Rebuilding the catalog for "Exchange" and "Exchange_Brick" (Brick will rebuild fine, other will not, hang at "Building Catalog File")

2. Creating a new backup set for "Exchange" and 'starting over', retiring the old set until time comes that I can safely delete it. (didn't help at all, no change other than it's looking at a new backup set. Also, when I did this I created a new backup job at the same time to try to kill as many birds with one stone that I could).

3. Deauthorizing the exchange server in licensing, then reauthorizing it (no help again).


So, I'm guessing the mailbox backup is related to the file level backup, but since there is no real 'error' there to report, anyone have any insights as to what would cause this situation?


Thanks in advance!

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