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i see 3 copies of each activity

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i am using a proactive backup script. i have only one and it is the only script that shows up in the Scripts list for my server.


when i look at the Activities view, i expect to see single entries for each past backup that has occurred, each future upcoming backup that is scheduled to occur, etc. but instead i see three copies of each.


i can't think of any reason why i should be seeing three seemingly identical records for what looks like a single item. it doesn't matter what subset of activities i select (all, scheduled, running, past, proactive), each record that occurs always shows up thrice in the list.


i am wondering if i might have done something strange to get to this point, like possibly creating a few proactive scripts and deleting them or something.... still, this seems like a bug.

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i tried removing the entry for the retrospect engine entry from the console and then adding it back and now the aforementioned activity replication problem is gone.


one slightly unusual aspect of my configuration that seems likely to have contributed to the problem is that in my console, i had two separate entries for accessing my console from outside of my lan (via it's external IP) and from inside.


so first, when i deleted one of them, all of the lists went back to normal (showing only one entry for each activity instead of three).


so... problem solved for now - i'll watch to see if it happens again and if so, i'll report back.

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