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Problem with 6. will 8 solve it?

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Hello. Can someone answer this question. I will try to explain the best I can. I use OS X 10.4.11 and retrospect 6. something. At 4am in the morning retrospect launches and backs up everything on my 500 gig raid 0 to a 1 TB firewire drive.


The problem that I have and I am aware off with the Mac version of 6 is that the back ups are accumulative. When it runs the back up it adds to the file on the back up drive. If I toss out files from my raid it won't remove them from my back up. This causes the file on the back up to get bigger and bigger. My only solution is when the Back up drive is full to toss out the back up and start over again with takes about 12 hours to back up.


I was told the windows version worked 2 years ago but not the mac version.


So, if I upgrade to version 8 will it finally back up and remove files from my back set to match my raid drive every night?





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what you are describing as a problem is actually intrinsic to the basic design of retrospect. (and time machine, and any other program that can truly be called a backup program).


it sounds as though you may actually want a duplicate operation rather than an archive/backup like retrospect is designed to do.


retrospect can do this. i'm confused though, because you refer to a problem with retro v6... retro6 could do this as wall - it was called a "duplicate" operation back then, where as now i think it is just called "copy".


there are also other lighter-weight utilities than retrospect that you can use for this.

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Sorry for the delayed response I have been traveling. I asked this question once before when I got Retro 6 and the folks said the PC version could do this but not the mac version. I might be wrong but the duplicate feature just copies the files to another drive right? If so that is not what I want. Since I leave the back up drive on all the time so it can do automatic back ups every night I run the risk of people that use my machine including me to link to files on the back up drive and not the raid drives. By having it all go into 1 file for the back up I don;t run the risk of that happening.


The 'Grooming' feature the first poster mentioned sounds like it might be the trick.



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