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xserve with xsan crashing during backup

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Hi all,


I've been poking around the forums and the knowledge base, but haven't seen anything definitive so I wanted to check in on a problem we're having backing up our xserve connected to a xsan file server.


We're using Retrospect multiserver 7.6.123 on a windows 2003 machine and we're tying to backup a PowerPC xserve 10.4.11 mounting an xsan via fiber (client 6.2.234).


We have tried mounting many different subvolumes drilling down into more and more specific folders (creating a different backup set/script for each folder and scheduling them at different times to back up the entire machine).


At different times and in different folders, the xserve will crash with an error "unresolved kernel trap (cpu 0) ... data access error ..."


This only happens while the xserve is being backed up and since it will happen in different folders at different times (sometimes a folder will backup successfully sometimes the error will happen) I do not believe it is a bad disk or file structure issue.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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