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Unable to restore files from backup set - files are missing

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I have a major issue with recovering files from a file backup set which is stored on a firewire hard drive along with the catalog file.

The script is a normal backup script which runs every tuesday and thursday. The only errors the log has reported are to do with a backup not running because the drive was not attached. The customer used to have tapes but switched to firewire hard drives for backup.


The machine is running Mac OS X 10.4.11 and Retrospect version 6.1.126

The local machine is backed up first and then two clients over the network.

The backup completed successfully on 02/07/2009. The end user then archived data off their machine onto a DVD disc and deleted the files off their machine on 03/07/2009 thinking they were backed up on the DVD disc and the firewire retrospect backup. The end user then went try to access the DVD to recover some files but it had not burnt properly so the data on the disc was not working. The user took a screen shot of the folders that were burnt to the DVD disc. The user then tried to recover the files from the retrospect backup.


A restore of the files from the retrospect file backup set was attempted but without any success. The search functions to search the catalog yielded results that the folders have been backed up but they have no data in then or only .ds_store files in them. Most of the folders are missing data or have no data. They should contain zip, eps and quark files but only have certain files ie like just the .eps file or nothing in them


I have tried rebuilding the catalog but this does not help. The retrospect file backup set is over 780gigs in size and should contain all these files in there but it does not, or I can not seem to recover them


Can anybody advise on what to do next. Should I restore the entire 700gigs to another drive?

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It's a bit unclear how you tried to "restore the files" and how you tried to "search the catalog".


Could you list EXACTLY the steps that you took and the results?


Does the session following the last change of these files show those files in the list of files backed up?


What happens if you do an "add snapshot" for the day of the backup? It just might be that the files are not showing in the most recent snapshot, but they are there in the snapshot prior to deletion of the files.



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