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Grow an archive set with new members.

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Retrospect Version 8.1 (build 150)

- PowerPC-based Retrospect Engine


Mac OS X Server 10.5.6

- xServe Dual 2.3 Ghz G5

- 3 GB RAM

- 400 GB boot drive


- Catalog files stored on boot drive where Retrospect is installed


- Disk-based setup for initial archive (Archive_Set)

1. archive_disk_1

- 6 GB ATA

- connected to server by: NewerTech USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter

2. archive_disk_2

- 75 GB SATA

- connected to server by: NewerTech Voyager Q FireWire 800

3. archive_disk_3

- 75 GB SATA

- connected to server by: NewerTech Voyager Q FireWire 800


- Drive being backed up

- 75 GB SATA

- connected to server by: NewerTech Voyager Q FireWire 800


- Method used to create "Archive_Set"

- Retrospect console --> Media Sets --> Add

- created "Archive_Set" with Media Set Type: Disk, Add

- selected "Archive_Set", Members, + to add mounted drives

- selected mounted drive, set "Use at most" to 100% for each drive, Add



End goal


Once the current members of a Media Set (Archive_Set) are filled, I want to add another disk member (or four, or twelve, whatever) to the Media Set 'Archive_Set' and continue using the one archive set for all further archiving.


In essence, I want to just keep growing the members in the "archive set" indefinitely continuing to archive across all members.





Once I needed to add a new member to the Media Set 'Archive_Set', I first attempted to do this by using the same method as above.


When I went to start a new archive of more data, Retrospect gave an error saying that the Catalog file was out of sync and to rebuild it.


I used the rebuild procedure, again tried to archive the same data, and still received the same error of catalog out of sync.


I then blew away the 'Archive_Set', associated Media Set, and started completely from scratch.


I went through the same steps as above but instead added another disk member through the "Rebuild" process and added a new member this way.


This last method seemed to work but, alas, Retrospect still refused to use the other members of the archive.



Last comments


Perhaps I totally don't understand the thinking behind Retrospect's archive functionality but to me it seems that I should be able to do what I'm trying to do.


I haven't found any documentation or other postings to the contrary.


Any ideas?



- tim shubitz

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