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Can't Find Backed Up Files


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I apologize if someone has asked this question before. However, I checked this forum ahead of time and didn't see any posts addressing this issue, so I'm proceeding.


I recently attached an Iomega Silver Series backup drive to my computer and installed Retrospect Express HD 2.5. When I went to My Computer in Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 3 installed) and looked at the contents of the backup drive after completing a backup, I noticed an icon labeled Recycled and two folders, one labeled Retrospect Restore Points and the other labeled System Volume Information. When I clicked on the Recycled icon, I saw only a partial list of my Outlook Express folders. The total size of the files in the Retrospect Restore Points folder matches the amount of used disk space when I select My Computer-->Backup Drive-->Properties and this amount appears to match the amount of files on my computer's hard drive.


I need to remove some files from my computer's hard drive but but before I do this, I need to make sure these files are on the backup hard drive. However, in looking at the contents of the backup drive, I don't see very many file names that appear to match the names of the files on my computer. How can I make sure the contents of my backup drive are the same as the contents of my computer's hard drive? Thanks for any help with this.


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