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Disaster Recovery Disk


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Perhaps it would be clearer if you better understood the purpose of the "Disaster Recovery Disk".


The purpose of the Disaster Recovery Disk is to get you up and going enough so that you could then restore from your backups to bring you forward to your last backup point.


So, it's a tradeoff between how much restoring you want to do after the Disaster Recovery Disk has done its thing.


Certainly you might want to update the Disaster Recovery Disk when you make major OS changes to your system, or when you make hardware changes that require drivers, etc.


It all depends on your backup / restore policy. What is necessary for your situation might not be the "right" answer for someone else in a different situation.


You might want to review the following to understand some of the issues when formulating a backup policy:

What should a good backup policy address?


Does that help?



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