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Anyone got PPC in production?

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I just posted to "bugs" about my experience. My config does not meet Robin's "minimums", but my workload - the GUI - should not overwhelm my platform.


Is anyone using PPC successfully? If so, what are you running, and what did you have to do?




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And what's the performance like? I have a very similar machine doing disk duplication backups and it's unusably slow, seems to be the verify:


7/22/2009 4:19:07 AM: Comparing ServerBackup

7/22/2009 4:21:51 AM: 5 execution errors

Completed: 472 files, 1986 KB

Performance: 587.7 MB/minute (592.2 copy, 0.7 compare)

Duration: 06:19:22 (00:18:22 idle/loading/preparing)


Any thoughts?

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Judging from my experiments with PPC (on an unsupported Mini 1.5 Ghz single CPU), I'm betting that there are some performance problems that are covered up with higher power CPUs.


If this were my software, I would be particularly suspicious becuase I am seeing variations in performance that are otherwise unexplained. Sometimes the xfer/verify speeds are good, other times really poor.


Are you also seeing wide variations, or is it always poor?



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Cheers for the replies, sorry for the delay. Performance varies hugely. Here's another:


*File "/Volumes/ServerDisk/Users/admin/Library/PubSub/Feeds/67985d021933e1acca0a511092b9b134fd71a89e.xml": didn't compare

7/19/2009 11:50:47 AM: 26 execution errors

Remaining: 1 files, 26 KB

Completed: 39718 files, 208.6 GB

Performance: 529.9 MB/minute (505.2 copy, 557.2 compare)

Duration: 13:48:00 (00:24:39 idle/loading/preparing)


It's a straight disk to disk duplicate to an external firewire drive, it's usually the compare that's slow tho, you can watch it in the morning crawling through a compare, often saying something like "39 files remaining" but just carrying on and on and on.


Any thoughts?



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