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Modal "Browse" contents sheet

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Okay, so I'm checking out a first-pass backup on a Windows client to see how I might want to tweak the Rule that the script is using to cut down on large, unnecessary items being backed up. Then I realize, for all of the new Retrospect's multi-execution units and multi-threading, simply clicking on "Browse" beside a Past Backup extends a "sheet" that brings most of the UI to a screeching halt-- it is completely modal and allows no other interaction while it is open.


So, basically, I wanted to be able to look at the backed up contents, then jump over to the rules to make changes. At first, I thought this wasn't possible, but opening the Preferences window is one of the few things you _can_ do at this point...you just can't do anything else in the Retrospect window...even on another server. I find this a bit of a step backwards for the contents "sheets". I also wish there still was a way to select a group of folders and have Retro tell you in the upper right of the window how much space and how many items that _group_ was occupying. Contents sheets just seem very limited and limiting.



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