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Windows Server 2008 crash preceded by Retrospect Interactive Services Detection

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Our client’s new Windows Server 2008 Standard 64 bit server crashed the other night.


We are running Retrospect Single Server 7.6.123

We have three Windows XP backup clients (all with the current client) and aren't doing any UNC/Network backups.


Retrospect is running as the "logged in user" (domain admin) and not with the manually configured RBU.


Just prior to the crash, the Application event logs indicated several "Interactive Services Detection" events by Retrospect. The System event logs gave no indication of any problems and were normal right up until the crash. I’ve pasted in one of the event logs below.


The problem has not happened again, but the client is a bit edgy. Previously their "backup" procedure was to periodically copy files over to a CD's. They are nervous about a backup program that runs without any live person actually doing it. Despite our assurances, this crash has them questioning our advice.


Has anyone else reported this issue? I'm aware of the RBU issues and how they relate to the Interactive Services Detection, but that isn't the case here as we aren't doing any network backups over UNC and haven't configured a RBU.


Thanks in advance,




Log Name: Application

Source: Interactive Services detection

Date: 7/9/2009 1:37:15 AM

Event ID: 1000

Task Category: None

Level: Information

Keywords: Classic

User: N/A



A device or program has requested attention. Device or application: C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.6\retrorun.exe. Message title: Retrospect.


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