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Normal vs Recycled mutually exclusive?

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No. Retrospect will always try to run every script that's scheduled, as well as every execution event in a single script. However, if your normal backup follows your recycle backup, it's likely there won't be many files that have changed, so the normal backup should run pretty quickly.


If your recycle backup and normal backup are in separate scripts, I recommend that you also ensure that the name you have given to the recycle script falls earlier in the alphabet as well as starting at an earlier time. (If the executions fall behind schedule for any reason, causing both scripts to be waiting to run at the same time, Retrospect perversely will run the scripts in alphabetical order; not by scheduled time.)


If your recycle and normal backups are simply different scheduled executions in the same script, it shouldn't be too difficult to write your schedulers in a way that avoids double-running the script on your recycle days, assuming that the recycle backup happens on a regular basis. As scheduled executions within the same script, they will always occur in the correct time order.


If you run your recycle backups on a sporadic as-needed basis and you don't want the normal backup to run on that same day, I would just go to the list of scheduled executions (at Automate> Preview) on the day the recycle backup is to run, highlight the undesired Normal execution, and click on "delete."


Depending on how the schedulers for your Normal script are written, you may also be able to delete the undesired event prior to the date the recycle script is scheduled to run. However, be aware that when you delete a particular event execution, all events prior to the date selected for deletion that are included in the relevant scheduler will also be deleted.



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No. Retrospect will always try to run every script that's scheduled, as well as every execution event in a single script.

I'm not sure that is correct.


First, somewhat unrelated and as an undocumented "feature" (I call it a bug), regardless of the start time order given for scripts, Retrospect will select from the currently runnable scripts (those at or past the start time) in alphabetical order. Because the run time for scripts is somewhat unpredictable, the only way you can control script execution order is to name the scripts alphabetically. This has irritated me since 1992, but I accept that it will never change. At least, it needs to be documented, but the trend now seems to be not to provide documentation with new releases of Retrospect, so I guess we have to go the folklore route from now on.


Second, if you have a Normal backup scheduled, say, daily to alternating backup sets, and then, once a month, have a "New Media" backup scheduled at the same time on the same alternate days to the alternate backup sets at the end/beginning of the month, the New Media backup will override the Normal backup and move to the new tape (backup set). It's documented somewhere, but I couldn't find it right now with a cursory look through the Users Guide. I believe that Recycle does the same thing, but I haven't tested that because we never Recycle.


The way to see/test is to do a "Preview" of the upcoming backups.





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As usual, Russ, you are spot on.


If a Recycle and a Normal backup are scheduled within the same script for the same date, at the exact same time, to the same destination backup set, the Recycle backup does indeed take precedence and the scheduled Normal backup is ignored.


All of the above conditions must be met for this to occur.


It's nice to discover that Retrospect has an intelligent feature that I always thought had been missing. Thanks for pointing this out.





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