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Existing backups not detected


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I have had Retrospect Express HD 2.5 backing up selected files on my XP machine to a WD MyBook NAS for months without issue.


Today however, it isn't able to detect the existing backups and has started again from zero. The rdb files are accessible under "Retrospect Restore Points\Retrospect\MY_DELL_PC\1-MY_DELL_PC" but a new folder has been created "Retrospect Restore Points\Retrospect\MY_DELL_PC\1-MY_DELL_PC2" which is empty.


Any assistance on how to get the software to recognise the existing backups and continue where it left off would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Try closing retrospect and renaming the rbc file at the root of the restore points folder structure.


Restart retrospect and it should go into maintenance mode and rebuild the file.


This may take a while but your backups should reappear. This worked for me, good luck.

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