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What conditions make a duplicate bootable


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I have a client with a dell laptop. They run both a duplicate from time to time to one partition on an external USB disk and regular backup to another partition. They do NOT have an emergency CD made (ugh); will get them to make one as soon as computer is up and running again. Laptop is running Win XP Pro.


They spilled coffee on the computer and luckily they only killed the hard drive.


The most recent backup was actually the duplicate from just the day before (other was a week or so). So we want to use the duplicate to restore from.


If i duplicate the duplicate on the USB drive to a new hard drive (temporarily in an external cabinet), and then put the duplicate of the duplicate into the laptop (crack it open and replace the internal drive), will the computer boot from the duplicate?


If not, why not? And if not, what do i need to do to get the duplicate onto a drive that i can then put into the laptop and boot?


Thank you for any help.


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