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invisible files


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after a hard disk crash, I tried to restore my Earthlink Total Access saved emails and address book by restoring them to the desktop, which I thought would let me import them with the Total Access program. ALthough Retrospect HD let me restore the files, and the folder was created on the desktop and WIndows verifies that it is 1GB, there are no visible files, even if I tell it to show all files.

I am using HD 2.0 - I loaded and tried 2.5, but got "serious error" messages so I went beck to 2.0.


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This is a Windows permission issue. You don't have access to view the files. You have verified that data exists in that location but you can't see it through the Explorer, most likely because it was created under a different user.


You will need to go into the explorer and give your user access to the folder by changing its permissions.

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