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Please insert new disk

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We have a basic backup schedule of 3 automated scripts that run throughout the work week. One script running scheduled for Mon/Tues on one REV disk, and then Wed/Thurs on another REV disk, and then Friday on a 3rd REV disk. That way I can take the other 2 tapes off site as one script runs. So there are 3 backup sets. The script keeps stopping and telling me the media is full, even though I have the media erasure setting to reuse named media. Expecting it to delete older files and reuse the disk without filling up and requiring another. The entire data being backed up is only 13gigs, and those REV drives are 32G in capacity. SO THEN, I looked at the manual and clearly do not understand where to choose "File Backup Set" versus "Disk Backup Set" so it will erase older data and keep using that day's REV disk for the backup for that day. Or perhaps I dont understand after having to bounce back and forth throughout the manual to learn about it. I am tired of manually erasing the disk and renaming it to the old Backup Sets name to use it.

It used to be able to use the same REV disk over and over without running out of space. I figured the Media Handling options would do this with the Re-use media option selected. I am backing up a simple data folder on a server that consists of about 10 users various office documents, etc. In a Windows server environment. SATA REV internal drive, Latest updates to Restrospect Pro.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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