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Hardware and resource useage

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Hi all,


A while back I asked about what hardware and OS would be the best platform for Retrospect. I didn't get any response, so I decided to figure it out for myself. I failed.


After running Retrospect on a few machines and operating systems I am still not sure just what Retrospect is doing most of the time. Since I was not able to come to any conclusions I decided to post a bunch of screenshots and let you decide for yourself.


All the screenshots are all from my new Retrospect server.





















I used three applications to look at performance data; Task Manager, default perfmon, and Performance Monitor configured to show Avg. Disk Queue Length for every logical disk.


In the Performance Monitor showing disk queues the colors match the name of the backup set and the C drive is blue. (Blue "C", get it? I crack me up.)


(Sorry for the ugly formatting)

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Here is the Matching phase of the Groom operation. This looks CPU bound and is using all cores, at least a little. This is an example of when I wish Retrospect would use more of the CPU.


The portion right after the red line in perfmon shows the transition from Preparing to Matching. There is a little swap activity and a couple spikes on the disk queue.


Another thing that I have noticed when Retrospect is running is occasional flurries of swapping. I haven't yet figured out when or why.

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Here is a local backup to a disk set. The destination is an internal SATA drive. I don't reacll how the source was connected. I know it was a PATA drive, but I don't remember if it was on the motherboard or through a USB bridge.


This is one of the first sets of screenshots I took. Before I started overlapping windows and using the expanded perfmon.


One screenshot of the Task Manager and one of the default perfmon showing total disk queue.


Again we seem to be disk bound.

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