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Can't export log files. (Error -1017)

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A few days ago (without changing anything) Retrospect Multiserver v7.6 running on Windows XP stopped exporting the backup report and opeartions log to a network file server. The operations log shows the message "Error getting location where to export backup report: Error -1017 (insufficient permissions)". But I have no trouble browsing to the destination with Windows Explorer running under the administrator account that is running Retrospect, and have no trouble writing files there..


The Logging Preferences window has the export box checked and shows the correct destination folder (\\\Dropoff\Backup\, which is not password-protected). Clicking the Switch Location... button brings up an error dialog: This folder is for internal use by Windows. The data files for the user can be located within folder "C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\". I don't see any Retrospect folders within that folder tree, and get no protection errors if I try to write a file there.


Clicking OK to dismiss the dialog opens the Export Backup Report file save dialog, with My Documents showing as the default location, and no way to enter the desired network path. Accepting the default by clicking Save brings up the same internal use error dialog, and there doesn't seem to be any way to get it to accept a location.


Please help, as I have exhausted all of my usual diagnostic tricks.




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I ran chkdsk and a full virus scan, neither of which reported any problems, but the problem went away as mysteriously as it appeared. It's writing the backup logs to the same location without errors. I'm mguessing it is the reboot that fixed it, but I had already tried that, so it is still a mystery. Nothing to do now but wait and hope that it doesn't resurface.


BTW -- a couple of hours after my original post to this forum I decided to Google the error message. The first (and only truly relevant) hit it found was my post here! Amazing.



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