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Script executes though it should not

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Hi all,




I'm running retrospect 4.3 on macOS9 and I have the following problem:




I have created two scripts (script A and script B) using the same backup set.


Script A executes every 4th week, doing a NEW MEDIA BACKUP


Script B executes every week day, monday to friday doing a NORMAL BACKUP


Both scripts are scheduled to execute at the same time of day.




So every 4th week the two scripts executes at the same time.


According to the USER's GUIDE for Retrospect4.3 only script A should execute.




From the user guide page 133, left column:




...When Retrospect encounters the New media backup scheduled for the same execution time as the Normal backup, it executes only the the New media backup...






This is not the case, both script executes! So the question is: How do I prevent script B from being executed when Script A executes. And I don't want to do this manually every 4th week.















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