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Automatic Execution unexpectedly terminated


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Automatic Execution unexpectedly terminated (possibly due to a power failure or system crash)-Windows 98 SE




I have no way of telling why it bombs- no error codes.




Professional Edition Upgrade-6.0.206




So far I have: Backed up the local HDD to an 80Gb partitioned USB Drive (Immediate) and backed up 2 Hdd's on one remote TCP/IP Client using 2 other immediate sessions all were/are successful. All three backed up to seperate partitions on USB drive. (File mode)




So I tried to use the same source, target, everything same and it bombs in automatic mode. Tried turning compression off. Even went back to verify I could still do this in immediate mode..works fine. But Auto gives this same message everytime.




It always checks for matches and sees how much it has to do; when it has that figured out it's ready to execute...but it Bombs...totally kills the Dantz application and all I get is the above message....supposedly fixed on Mac's...what about PC's what am I doing wrong?





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