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Travan tape drive not responding

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I posted this earlier but my message seems to have disappeared (???):




After upgrading to Retrospect Pro 6, I can no longer access my ATI Seagate Travan 5 tape drive (STT20000A). Status is "not responding" and the environment tab shows "unknown response".




This drive used to work just fine under the old version of Retrospect Desktop Backup.




Any ideas???



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The upgrade process may have corrupted essential files - try uninstalling Retrospect, rebooting and installing Retrospect 6.0 directly from your upgrade installer.




If you continue to experience problems, the below troubleshooting should help you isolate the cause of the issue:




1) Clean the drive using its cleaning cartridge, if applicable. Once a week is usually enough for most usage.




2) Try using a different brand of media, if one exists for your backup device. Follow the manufacturer's recommended list of brands.




3) Cabling. You may have a bad cable. Straighten or replace the cable that connects the device to the computer.




4) Check the status of the device's drivers. Updating or reinstallation of the device's drivers and/or firmware may be necessary. Corrupt drivers can cause issues that may not be otherwise detectable. Check the manufacturer's or vendor's website for updated drivers. Note that some devices, such as tape drives, do not need installed drivers for use with Retrospect, and might need to be uninstalled (see #5 below).




5) Completely uninstall any other third-party backup software that may be on your machine, including any drivers that software may have loaded for the device.




6) Was ASPI installed correctly? Run ASPICHK (in the Retrospect Program Files


folder) to make sure ASPI is "green" and all components are at version 4.60. If not, try a reinstall (ASPIINST.exe). If you still have problems, consult the Retrospect User's Guide or Adaptec's website.




7) Is this Windows NT or 2000? If so, enable NT SCSI Passthrough to bypass ASPI: From the Retrospect Directory hit Ctrl-Alt-P-P. Under "Execution," check "Enable NT SCSI Passthrough." Click OK. Quit and relaunch.




8) Are the drivers for the IDE controller current? Try updating them with an approved update from your PC vendor.




9) The system board in the computer may be having a problem. Install Retrospect on another computer, if available, and try the device there.



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