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Desktop v5.0-can I backup Fileshared Macs or Not?

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Here's my situation: I work at a small company with a mix of older and newer Macs and PCs. We are currently running Retrospect 4.3 Desktop & back up to a tape drive.




6 machines total.


2 XP workstations, with shared folders between them, with Retrospect clients


2 old Macs running 8.6--they can never be upgraded to X-they have filesharing on to share drives, they have Retrospect clients installed.




1 newer Mac running OSX 10.1.5-will be upgraded to Jaguar- also will be a client


1 newer Mac running 9.2-this one has Main Retrospect App & tape drive- has filesharing to share drives. This will be upgraded to Jaguar .




I read in another post that Retrospect 5.0 won't back up machines with filesharing on? (I did not see anything about this in the readme file)How then can I back up my older macs?




Am I just misunderstanding the whole issue? I sure hope so...




If not, could somebody give me some ideas to workaround this?











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Retrospect can certainly back up machines when filesharing is on. Are you referring to the removal of support for AppleTalk clients? If so you'll need to set up TCP/IP connectivity between the Retrospect server and the 8.x clients. That OS is still fully supported; you just need TCP/IP Retrospect clients, not Appletalk Retrospect clients.




It's also possible that you were reading posts about problems backing up shared volumes under OS X; you're using the client software and your server is OS 9, so none of those problems would apply to you.




From your configuration report, I don't see anything that would cause problems for a Retrospect backup under 5.0, assuming that the 8.6 clients have TCP connections to the Retrospect server.

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I've been looking and looking for a solution to this.


We have 5.x Server on OS X... and the copies of the clients to install I have are all set to AppleTalk. I started setting up a machine with our old 4.3 server software (which does support AppleTalk) just to switch clients I'm installing to TCP/IP but I lost a lot of the updates when I restored a volume which had a lot of our sw on it (the resource forks got lost, making a TON of our sw useless).




in any event, where can I find a client that's already set to TCP/IP. I tried copying one from another computer but then I get a conflict of course (by name when the two are up and by validation code if i turn one off, change the name, and have them both up).




pls help.





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