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I have a script which makes a nightly disk backup to a client. Nothing really fashion ... just regular stuff.


I am logged in as Administrator on both computers (same password).


Configure > Preferences > Execution > Security

Run Retrospect as the logged-in user


When I start the script manually, all works fine. When I run it from a schedule, it fails while asking User/Password.


What did I do wrong?



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rather than running retrospect as the logged in user, run it as a specific user with password.


alternatively/additionally, define a volume (UNC Path) and make sure to specify the username/password for accessing the UNC path.


I'm assuming you're backing up to that UNC path.

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With "Run Retrospect as the logged-in user", I see "Retrospect (Shana/Administrator)" in my Retrospect main window (top).


You want me to log in with "Run Retrospect as the specifed user" and add the same data:


User: Adminstrator

Password: ********

Log on to: Shana


... later ...


Yes, this works! Strange!


Yes, I backup to a disk backup set on the network using a UNC path. But still ... why does the "Run Retrospect as the logged-in user" setting work when the script is started manually and it doesn't when started via schedule?


Another weird thing is, that when Retrospect asks me the User/Password after the script started, it doesn't accept my User/Password in order to continue backup?


Any ideas on both issues?



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