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New Error 205 in Jaguar (OS X 10.2)

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Hi All,




We've been using Retrospect Workgroup to back up to DVD-RAM using Apple's built-in DVD-RAM drive. No problems under Mac OS 10.1.5.




We've just upgraded our Retrospect Workgroup machine to Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar) from 10.1.5. Suddenly, Retrospect can't seem to erase a disk to prepare it for backup. We keep getting "Couldn't erase disk, error 205 (lost access to storage medium)."




This is a bad error; each time we have to reboot the machine to get the disk out of the drive.




We've replicated this problem using "Configure > Devices > Erase..." as well as just letting Retrospect ask for a disk, which is then tries to erase. Same error each time.




Curiously, even after giving this error, Retrospect can still see the drive under "Configure > Devices > Device Status..." but it does not see the disk. And the disk has disappeared from the desktop, so we can't eject it (hence the reboot).




The drive is a Matshita PD-2 LF-D110 (standard DVD-RAM drive for Macs).




Any suggestions? Is this a Retrospect/Jaguar bug? We've done a clean install of the OS and reinstalled Retrospect--same problem.









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Thanks, Irena!




I hadn't seen any notes about this issue, so I wanted to make sure someone was aware of it. I'm delighted to hear you're on top of it.




Any idea when that update might be out? Nothing official--just should we expect it to take days/weeks/months? We'll need to plan some workarounds until Retrospect is back up and running, and it would be very helpful to have some idea of how long we may want to prepare for.




Thanks again!







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