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Terminal Services and Activity Monitor

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We primarily control our Retrospect box using Terminal Services/Remote Desktop. (It's a dedicated box so there is no reason to be on it other than Retrospect checkups.)


Occasionally a left-logged-in ts session will have the opened Retrospect and it will stay that way, and/or the Retrospect will open into the console session (?) and the ts will not.


The case used to be that Retrospect would say "Retrospect is running in another session, click yes to kill it", but following some update or other the case is now that a mocking little blue "Activity Monitor" box comes up (which, oddly, never shows the activity) and gives no hint as to what to do.


I have learned that the blue box means either you have to get hold of the other ts session or kill the process with task manager and take your chances. The problem is that new admins (and people to whom we recommend/pitch this product) all have to be told about the insidious little blue box.


Is there some combination of the 'how Retrospect runs' preferences that would make it so that it would launch rightly no matter what? ...or even an option just to revert to the, more intuitive, 'retrospect is running in another session' error?






(Also, as a feature request, how about something approximating an MMC that would allow more than one retrospect session to view the same server (maybe even from a remote box) simultaneously...this would fix the multiple ts thing because each open session would just e a 'window' to the real server, as with MMC...unless this is already a preferences combination that I have not yet logic-ed out).


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Looks, after some more searching, like an old, common, well documented, and much-complained about "feature".




Add me to the "Please fix this" customers. I have recommended, after having just gotten used to being logged-in all of the time, Retrospect to an important client, who bought it on my advice and noticed this problem almost right away (making me and Retrospect look weak). I have once even had to restore my own Retrospect from backups when forcing the process closed to get hold of it borked it in just some special way. Lame.



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