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8.0733 : getting there.

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I've been testing 8.0733 since yesterday and I'm happy to report that it seems to be a big improvement.


The Console still crashes while changing or erasing tapes (the last crash did not even create an assertion file).

BUT the engine keeps chugging along and it does not seem to be disturbed too much by the Console crashes.

The Console Past Backup pane still does not show the last backup, the log are useless (it seems instead of being updated as things occur they are updated once the whole operation is completed, which if the Console crash is never) but at least the files seem to be copied to tape.


After the backup is finished I'll try and see if it's possible to actually retrieve anything.


Thanks to Robyn for all his help, I think this version should have been released as beta 6 (or 7).

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