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Corruption of IIS and Exchange Mailbox

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Hi Guys... I have run into some wierd problems... I recently installed 2 new servers, one hosting user data, the other running SQL and Exchange 5.5 all on NT4.0 sp6a. I have retrospect 5.6 running on a external win 2k pro box. Last week I have shut down the 2 servers to plug them into a new UPS system. (The first restart since installing Retrospect client 5.6).


The first problem I had was one user lost access to her mailbox on the exchange server. Nothing I did could get her access. I even created a new account and gave her admin permissions. Found out that I was the only user that could access the data. I wasn't long exporting it all and created a new account for her.


The next problem was that IIS 4 wouldn't start. I tried to manually start it and the errors search in the Microsoft Knowledge base told me that I had a corrupt MetaBase.bin file. So I desided to restore that one file with one from a recent backup. No go... there was something else wrong that caused this file to become corrupt and unfortunaly Retrospect didn't back it up as a file, but in the current system state. No Idea how to get that file out of there.




I had Outlook Web Access running on that server. This is a big bad to not have it running here where I work. So I desided to install it on my other server... big HALT!! with an error code that told me via another knowledge base search that my Veritas Backup Exec went corrupt... HAHAHA you guys copying code there or what?




I followed Microsoft's steps to uninstall the corrupted Veritas software (I substituted this for Retrospect) and bam... my installation when flawlessly.




Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?





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