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Computer backing up out of schedule

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Hi, I can't work out why my client computer is being backed up by the server despite not being scheduled for a backup.


Retrospect Server Script is set to backup overnight on Saturday & Sunday nights only. The minimum interval between backups in Backup Server Options is 5 days. Allow Early Backup is selected, but the client is set to backup according to normal schedule.


The client backs up as usual on Saturday night, with the usual error notifications (ie. files which have changed between the backup & verification processes). The Server window correctly says that the client is backed up & the next backup is scheduled for Thursday night. (The intention here is that each client will be backed up once per weekend only, but if time doesn't permit it on Saturday, then the client will be picked up on Sunday.)


However, anything from 0.5 to 24 hours later, the backup process for that same client will start again, well before the next scheduled backup session.


I can't find anything wrong with my script. Can anyone help? (Is anyone still in this forum or has everyone moved to the Retrospect 8 forum?)

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A couple of thoughts:


Any possibility that you have more than one Backup Server script active that has this client as a source?


Perhaps there is something wrong with the client prefs such that it may be calling for early backup even though you have selected the normal schedule. Uninstalling the client with the installer script and then reinstalling it should solve this kind of problem.

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Any possibility that you have more than one Backup Server script active that has this client as a source?


Thanks twickland for the suggestion. There's only one backup server script.



Good idea. I'll do this sometime this week. You may be quite right. I discovered that if I set the server script on the server computer to manually delay the next backup, it goes ahead early anyway. Whereas if I use the client computer to delay the backup, it doesn't go ahead early.


PS. I'll still be in this forum for a while. No moving to Retrospect 8 here. Haven't got the time to beta test. Besides, the server is a G4 Mac mini.

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