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Best practice for recycle backups

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Using RS/SBS Premium 7.0.301. (I know, an antique! Waiting for RS8.)


Backing up to USB disk. I have 2 disks, each with 2 Backup Sets on them for a total of 4 Backup Sets.


I do daily "Normal" backups, and I'm using the "Groom to Retrospect defined policy" option, which could result in very large numbers of "Normal" backups additional to the original "Recycle" backup.


Is it recommended to periodically do a "Recycle" backup and start fresh? Or just trust RS to keep track of large numbers of "Normal" backups?


These are new disks, so it's a little hard to project, but we could eventually see each backup set containing 200 "Normal" backups on top of the original "Recycle" backup.

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