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Can't find network drive in automated script


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I can backup fine to a set on a network drive when I'm logged in. I'm using Windows XP, and the drive is specified via the Windows network as \\MyDrive\. However, when I use the same backup set in a script, and the script runs automatically after I've logged out, it fails to run with an error that it can't find the set.


I tried solving this by setting the Retrospect preference to always login as my account, with the password, and I specified the machine name. I logged out, and let script run. When I logged back in to check the progress, I get only the Retrospect monitor, I can't check the progress.

Is this normal? Is this the correct solution to the problem? Is there some way to check the progress - the monitor doesn't seem to show anything or be interactive at all, except for one icon that looks like a "power on" symbol. Retrospect does seem to be adding data to the drive, so it may be working.





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Setting the Retrospect login preference as above seems to have fixed the network drive problem. However, when I try to run Retrospect after the script completes I only get the Retrospect monitor. I can fix this by rebooting. Clearly this isn't a solution if I have reboot every time I want to run Retrospect.


Any suggestions?

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One solution to the monitor problem is to open the task manager, make sure "show processes from all users" is checked, and end the Retrospect.exe process if it's running. After I did this I could open Retrospect normally.


I could live with this solution, but is there a better way?

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