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Crashing during restore...

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I have a catalog file which is about 400 megs. It's been working great doing backups. I recently tried to do a restore, here are the steps I took and what happened.


1. I tried to "restore file/folder". I ran a search for a name.

2. Found it no prob. I selected the destination volume.

3. It asked for the tape # and all seemed well. Then, just as the little restore progress window pops up, Retrospect 6.1 crashes. I got an "access error" in an OSX window.


I'm sure a lot of you will tell me it's some sort of permissions thing. So, I ran a test with another catalog (different set), restore went perfectly. Just this set. Any ideas? I MUST be able to get into it for restores. Very important.


Any ideas?



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I got an "access error" in an OSX window.

What exactly does the error message say?


You may have a corrupt backup set catalog, or perhaps a problem with that particular tape member.


Have you tried restoring another file from the problematic backup set; perhaps one that is stored on a different tape member?


If the catalog is corrupt, it will be best to restore an earlier copy of the catalog from before the time the catalog was corrupted and then update the catalog using Tools> Repair> Update existing. If you don't have a good copy of the catalog, you will need to recreate it from your tapes, which can take a long time. Also, if there is anything wrong with one of the tape members, the rebuild can be troublesome, requiring you to save the partial rebuild and then continue updating with the next member. For this reason, I wouldn't trash the existing catalog until you have successfully completed your catalog rebuild.


If the tape member itself is damaged and is causing your problem, you probably won't be able to retrieve the file in question. Depending on the kind of damage, you may also be unable to retrieve data beyond the point of damage.


Tapes do sometimes sustain damage (DDS tapes are especially prone). For this reason, it's a good idea to have multiple backup sets containing the same data.


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