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OnStream USB

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I've been using a OnStream 30GB USB ADR tape device with my Mac for the past year. Recently I've had to re-install the software on the Mac and now I can't get Retrospect to recognise the drive.




The USB version of this drive is not listed in the qualified devices????





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The Onstream USB drive is qualified for use with Retrospect. If you search by Manufacturer in the pull down list, there are two entries for Onstream: Onstream and Onstream (with Freecom bridge). Using the later will find the results you are looking for.








The following notes were pulled from the device page for this drive:




It is recommended that users have Retrospect Driver Update 2.4 or later when using this drive. This driver update incorporates improvements which decrease the chances of encountering "error -206 (dirty heads, bad media)".




Required files on Macintosh OS 7.x through 9.x:




-Retrospect 4.3 and 5.x


-Retrospect SDAP Support extension


-Retrospect OnStream USB Support extension or Retrospect Freecom USB Support extension

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