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Assertrion failure at "tmemory.cpp-1179"


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I have retrospect running as a back up machine for out network drive and it backs up to a USB WD external back up.


For the past few weeks i've been getting this error:


"Assertion failure at "tmemory.cpp-1179""

then retroespect crashes and has to be restarted.


The log noirmally reads "Execution terminated unexpectedly, possibly due to a power failure or system crash"


Previously i was getting this error

+ Normal backup using Tue-Thurs Schedule at 17/03/2009 22:00

To Backup Set Backup Set Tue-Thurs...


- 17/03/2009 22:00:00: Copying SHARED

Scanning incomplete, error -1116 (can't access network volume)


Since running a scan on the NAS device this we no longer get the -1116 error but now retrospect keeps crashing.


Anyone have any idea what I should to to sort this out?



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