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Looping Transfer

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Hello Amy,




I have been getting the TRANSFER going of the 30 gigs from tape to CD-R the last few days, and all was well until yesterday when I seemed to not make much progress all day. I finally realized that it was "looping" on one file. It would work on transfering that file for a long time, and then at some point the tape drive would re-wind (also stating that fact in the Retro window), and then start working on that file again. The Retro progress window would also clock backwards in the amount of files, megs transfered, etc.




I went through many CDR disks with no foward progress and finally quite the operation. I started again and skipped that file, and the process went along fine until it started happening again on another file! The two file have these two characteristics in common--they are both stuffit files, and both large, 100 megs+.




Any thoughts? And is there any way I can determine which back-up set member is the last valid one, as I know I must have a number of "dead" set members filled with nothing but loopings.











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