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Retro won't write CDRW on an Ikebana Fireblaster

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System setup:




Titanium Powerbook G4/550, 768 MB Ram


Mac OS X 10.1.5, also Mac OS X 10.2 (Exact same error in both versions)


Retrospect Backup 5.0.205


Ikebana Fireblaster (Firewire) 16x/10x/40x CDRW drive, Sony CRX1611 mechanism, firmware rev. TYS3


80-minute/700MB Memorex CD-RW and CD-R media








Retrospect recognizes the CDRW drive with no problem, but when it tries to "erase" the CDRW medium before performing a backup, at the end of the (LONG!) erase procedure, it fails with an error 203, Hardware failure. This happens always, and is annoying because the Sony CRX1611 mechanism is listed as compatible with Retrospect 5. Any ideas or suggestions for this? I've researched firmware upgrades for this Sony mechanism CDRW but have found absolutely nothing... Apparently most Sony CDRW drives have notoriously poor firmware update support, or none at all?!




Side issue/question: is regular CD-R media supported on this drive? When I insert an ordinary CD-R, Retrospect recognizes it but the disk appears with a "lock" icon next to it.. Is this normal, or should I be able to backup directly to CR-R as well as to CD-RW?

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Have you tried a higher quality CD medium, like TDK or Verbatim? If not, please do so.




If there is a lock icon next to the CD, this means that the CD has already been formatted by another program, making it unusable for Retrospect.




If a higher quality medium still fails, go through some hardware troubleshooting, as described in our Knowledgebase and post the results:





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Whoops, duh.




Downloaded the latest driver update, problem mostly fixed.




Got one "Error 203 hardware failure" in the middle of a (working) backup, but this could be due to an actual bad CDRW. Tried other discs; worked fine.




I tried to delete my original post but it's not letting me...




Thanks for your timely response.

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