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Drives used before are no longer useable!

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I just wasted 3 DVD's and 2 CD's configuring an external Firewire CDR and the internal DVD-R in my Dual 2.3 G5 (PPC NOT Intel) running OS X 10.4.11

I then proceeded to restore some archives burned onto CD's and DVD's previously burned on the SAME DEVICES. Instead of getting a "PROCEED" button to get the retrieval process going, I get "WRITE PROTECTED" in the inside window beside the drive info, and a CANCEL and CHOICES button, no PROCEED.


I updated to R'spect 6.1.230 as well as the Driver Update. Still, I cannot retrieve my archives.



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Useful information would be the type of external Firewire CDR and DVD/CD drive in your Dual 2.3 PPC G5, as well as the type of DVD media and CD media.


It also might help to post a screen shot of the "Write Protected" screen so we can see what you are talking about.


Myself, I've only done backup to tape, but we should be able to figure this out.


The drive types should be available from Apple System Profiler.



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Retrospect needs to add better error responses to their repertoire, just for idiots like myself. Something along the lines of...

"You have the wrong disk inserted dummy-head!"


I admit it now that i see the err of my ways, I grabbed "5 G5 Archive 9.26.07" instead of the correct "5 G5 Archive 9.22.07" disk.


I am an idiot. Sorry.


Thanks for the reply "rhwalker", along with my apologies.



Embarrassed beyond blushing. :confused2:

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One of the reasons I asked for additional information (which you still haven't provided) was to better understand why you "wasted 3 DVD's and 2 CD's configuring an external Firewire CDR and the internal DVD-R". If either (or both) of those drives are supported drives, then your manual configuration will give you poorer results than would use of the pre-configured parameters from Retrospect and its Driver Update (RDU). You can always revert back to the "unconfigured" state by moving the .rdi file in /Library/Preferences/Retrospect to the Desktop (or somewhere that Retrospect can't find it).


The supported devices are found here:

Retrospect supported devices


and some others are found in the release notes for the RDU versions:

RDU version history

(because the supported devices database isn't always up-to-date).


Glad you are moving along now.



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