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Retrospect cannot find clients

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I've got a Problem with Retrospect. When I what to connect the clients to Retrospect I can see al the clients. When I try to connect I get the Error, that the client is not visilible in the network. Then Retrospect tells me, that it cant find any clients in the network (all the clients i have seen before trieing to connect are away).


After a while I can see the clients again. If I dont try to connect and whait only a few secounds the clients disaper also.


If I klick on IP I can connect to the clients. The Problem is, if the IP oft the computer changes, Retrospect wont find it.


I have already renamed the folder in the library to reset the setting. I ve also reinstalled Retrospect. Rebooted serveral times. Nothing works.


It s the latest version of retrospect (6.1.230) running on OSX 10.4.11.


The backup-server has a fix IP, clients gets the IP with DHCP.


There are about 50 Computer in the network. Only 9 Computer should be connected to Retrospect.


Anyone an idea what the problem is or how can I solve it?

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