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invalid client code?


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I have two machines total at home -- both running XP .. two months ago, I bought Windows XP compatible Retrospect Desktop 5.6 for machineA -- the one with the DLT drive.




I just decided to go ahead and splurge today -- bought a singular Retrospect Client License today off the web and tried to install it. And, yes, it is for Windows:




1 Retrospect Client 1-user (Win) 39.00






No go.




Using the machineA retrospect desktop license manager, I try to add a client. MachineA doesn't want to accept this License *at all* -- not in all caps, not in lowercase, not with or without hyphens, not as it's typed, not as it's cut and pasted.




So I decide to try to let the server figure out when to prompt me with a license -- it should know better than me if I'm doing something wrong.




I go to the "Clients" portion of the backup screen and let it go find MachineB -- it's all ok up until I try to add the license. It still won't accept it.




I have updated the software, I have updated the client (all the recent updates for 5.6, anyway), but still, no go.




Can someone help please?!!

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Is it possible that the versions of the client software and application are different? We did make changes to the License Code scheme, and if you purchased a client after 6.0 started shipping, it's likely that the code won't work with a 5.x app.




If you have questions, or if you got a client with the wrong code, Customer Service can help. Call (888) 777-5664.

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