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Keep Getting error -1019 (not enough resources)


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I keep getting this 1019 error when the backup compare operation is in progress. :cryy:

At the moment the error is occuring on a number of files in my "mdeia" backup (mostly music, photos and DVD images).


The error mostly, although not exclusivley, seems to occur on larger DVD image files. eg This file is 1.4GB in size [color:red]File "D:\Media\CyberLinkDirectorWork\Import\Recent\XmasSanta2008.iso": can't read, error -1019 (not enough resources)[/color]

However this one is only 50MB [color:red]File "D:\Media\Downloads\royal_scots_dragoon_gaurds-amazing_grace.zip": can't read, error -1019 (not enough resources[/color])


I also get the error during a restore of the "media" backup during the compare phase.


My "media" backup is quite large at 200GB but surley retrospuct should be able to handle it ?


What does -1019 actually mean :confused: ? I can't be short of memory as the windows task manger is reporting that Retrospect.exe has a peak mem usage of 42,532k and I still have over 2GB of available mem on the m/c.


Also does it mean the backup has failed ?



I am Using EMC Retrospect Professional : 7.6.123


My M/C :

WinXP Pro

Intel Quad 2.66GHz


Drive C: 75GB (25% used) SATA

Drive D: 2TB (40% used) SATA Mode10 Raid Array

Backup Device 1TB (50% used) WD NAS

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