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Problem restoring


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I just upgraded from Express to Professional Ver. 6.0. I'm running W2K on an Omnibook 6000 laptop. I am backing up a 48GB hard drive in the laptop to an external 40GB firewire drive.




I did a "file" type backup to the firewire drive. It seemed to work just fine. I then created a bootable restore CD. That also went fine.




I then shut down the laptop and swapped a spare hard drive into the laptop to see whether the restore function would work properly. I booted from the recovery CD. I noticed that, unlike with Express, Professional 6.0 gave me the option of restoring the backup set fairly early in the recovery process, i.e., before installing the full version of Windows from the recovery CD. However, at this stage in the recovery the firewire drive was not visible to the system. I was given the option of cancelling and restoring the files later, which is what I did. Then the recovery CD proceded to install the rest of Windows, just as it has done when using Express.




After Windows was installed, the system rebooted into Windows and again presented me with the option of restoring my files. This time the firewire drive was visible and I was able to access the backup set from it. I told it to replace the entire contents of the drive from the most recent snapshot. It then proceded to restore all of the files and indicated that the restore was successful.




However, when the computer attempted to reboot into Windows I received a dialog box entitled, "Limited Virtual Memory." Inside the box it stated, "Your system has no paging file, or the paging file is too small." Then there were instructions on how to create a paging file or increase the size of the existing one. However, when I clicked "OK to clear this dialog box, Windows proceded to boot for about half a second (i.e., saying it was attempting to load my personal settings), but then immediately the same "Limited Virtual Memory" dialog box popped up again. All attempts to clear this dialog box resulted in an endless cycle of bringing back up that box.




Any idea what could be going on here? I had no such problems under Express 5.6.




Also, once I get past this problem, I'm wondering whether I would be better off using a disk rather than a file backup type. Would there be any advantage one way or the other?




And one final issue: It would be nice if there was some way for the restore process to recognize the firewire drive at the initial stage of the restore process rather than requiring me to proceed through the entire Windows installation (as in Express 5.6) before being able to gain access to the backup set. This is not a real big deal, in that it is comparable to the situation in 5.6. However, it would be an improvement if it could be made to work.






Alan Gomes

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As far as I can remember. Retrospect does not backup Swap Files. Win2000 was backed up. But without a pagefile.




This was a solution from the old days (NT) if the pagefile.sys was trashed.




From the Command Prompt, copy an existing file to a new file named "pagefile.sys." Then reboot the machine.




Also, shouldn't Win2000 have a Recovery Console, and or an option to load clean (no device drivers) ?




Hope that you get it worked out.







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