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Retro 6.0 vs. 5.6 for File backups


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A few Retro Pro 6 vs. Retrospect Desktop Backup 5.6 questions:




1) If I start adding Normal backups with RP6.0 to a File backup that had been created with RDB 5.6, will RDB 5.6 be able to use the File backup to do a restore (i.e. does using RP6.0 change the File backup so RDP5.6 can't read it)? If the File backup is Recycled with RP6.0 or created from scratch with RP6.0, will RDB5.6 be able to access and use the File backup to do a Restore?




2) If I have a File backup created by RDB5.6, can it be Transferred (e.g. using that feature in RP6.0) to a Disk backup without losing any of its contents? Of do I have to start a new Disk backup from scratch?




3) RP6.0 supports Disk and File backups. If I'm using NTFS (no real limit on file size) on the Dest. HD volume and have a huge Dest. HD volume (no need to span disks), is there *any* advantage to using a Disk backup over a File backup?




4) I assume that RDB5.6 can't read a Disk backup set created by RP6.0? That's why I'm asking if it can read a File backup above.

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1. File backup sets created by Retrospect 6.0 should not be used by Retrospect 5.6. This may work in some circumstances, however, we don't support or recommend doing this.




2. Yes, you can transfer the contents of a file backup set created with 5.6 to a 6.0 created disk backup set.




3. The only advantage would be that you can specify how much disk space to use (eg: 50%) with the new disk backup sets in Retrospect 6.0.




4. Correct - disk backup sets created by 6.0 cannot be read by 5.6.

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