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Retrospect stalls during B&W and Silver backup

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Can someone please help me? I have been strugling with retrospect for a few months now trying to backup my Blue and White and Silver Macintosh from another desktop with the retrospect server installed in it. I have some PCs and Macs connected via a hub 10/100baseT; all the PCs backup with no problem. Also, I have a couple of Beidge Macs on that same network and they backup fine. As soon as the script start the first B&W machine it hangs. I usually starts my script overnight so, there is noone using the machines when the backup is running. I have tried everything possible; I was working with a tech from retrospect, he abandonned me when we could not solve the problem. If anyone has been through that tortuous experiment, please let me know how you dealt with that problem.


Thank you

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Please provide more information - you indicated you worked with Technical Support on this issue, but have provided no details as to the troubleshooting you have done so far to solve this. You've isolated the problem to a single computer, if I'm reading your post correctly. What have you done in regards to this computer?




If there is more then one computer involved, what do they have in common?


Same network segment?


What Operating System are you using? What details can you give us?

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Thank You AmyC.


the problem is not on one machine only. I have about 12 PCs and 10 Macs on the network that retrospect backs up. In my backup script, I have all the PCs list on top and they back up with no problem. When the backup start the first Mac it hangs. I does not matter which of the Macs I list first it will hang as long as it is a Blue and White or a Silver Mac running OS between 9.1 to 9.2.2.


When I worked with the tech from Retrospect (Nate) he advise me to first install retrospect on a different machine; I did and that did not change anything. Second, he suggested that I download and run the new retrospect v6. I used that for about a month until it expired and it did not fix my problem.


As far as my network layout, it is pretty simple. I have 12 PCs and 10 Macs connected on a 10/100baseT hub. I would like to use retrospect to backup both the pcs and the macs. Retrospect server is installed on a pc running windows 98.


in case I forgot to mention that, I have a couple of beidge macs running OS 8.1 and 8.5 and these two don't create any problem backing up.


Thanks again AMYC

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- Which version of Retrospect are you currently using?


- Which version of the Retrospect client?




If you are consistenly experiencing hangs with these Macintosh clients, the first thing to do is isolate the variables. You've ruled out the backup computer as, a) other clients backup fine, and B) the same problem replicated itself when backing up these same clients from another computer with a different build of Retrospect.




That leaves 2 components: The clients themselves and the network segment.




Let's start with the network. Connect a crossover-cable directly between the client and the server. Start a backup - does the problem go away? If so, the problem lies in your network. If not, the problem is coming from the client machine.




If you determine that that problem is with the client machine, boot the computer with base extensions, including the Retrospect client, and try the backup. This will tell you if there is an extension or application conflict. Run disk diagnostics on the drive (Disk First Aid, Drive Setup's Test command, Norton, Disk Warrior, Tech Tools, etc.) to check the health of the system. Make sure you are running the most current version of the client software.

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Hi AmyC:


I have an update for you with my problem with Retrospect. I just install that retrospect server in one of the B&W macs on the network and I use that to backup the other mac clients I was having problem with and I backs them up with no problem.\


I seems like with retrospect server installed on a pc, it backs up the pc clients well. To back up the mac clients, you have to install the app. on a macintosh. Although Retrospect is Cross-Platform, it does not do a good job in backing up one platform in another one.




Note: I know that my presumtion might not be accurate because I was able to backup the beidge macs on the pc server. It is the B&W and Silver macs that create problem when backing them up on a different platform.




what do you think?

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